Welcome to Observa-DOME!

With over 50 years of building observatory domes we are constantly striving to build the very best product in the industry. When we place a dome in service at a customers location we expect the exact same thing from our products that our customers do.


  1. Our domes are built to customer specifications and for each individual locations building codes and environment
  2. All exposed surfaces are fabricated from non-corrosive aluminum.  This means they won’t rust or be subject to UV degradation
  3. Observa-Domes seals and flashings are virtually leak proof even in tropical down pours
  4. Our bi-parting shutters can be closed or opened within seconds verses minutes, because seconds matter in protecting equipment
  5. We offer our domes with manual shutters, electric shutters and solar powered shutters complete with a solar panel and generator.
  6. Observa-Dome can also offer factory installed automation or automation ready domes