The ACE SmartDome is a fault-tolerant controller that allows an ObservaDome Laboratories, Inc, product to be controlled locally, remotely and robotically. It works with any ASCOM compliant software such as DC3 Dream’s ACP or TheSkyX.


For professional clients wishing to integrate a dome controller directly into their software there is a comprehensive command library. Communication with the ACE SmartDome is through TCP/IP. An option to use a serial communications port is available.


The system can be divided into those components that are static and those that move with the dome.

The static components are:

  • Main box with push buttons and a LCD screen
  • Azimuth control box
  • Azimuth motors
  • Encoder
  • Home sensor
  • Conductor bar power switch
  • External cloud or other sensor(s) mounted outside the dome building


The ACE SmartDome™ software is a C++ application that can run under Microsoft® windows. The following description applies to ACE SmartDome™ Graphical User Interface v206 and later. This software allows control of the ACE SmartDome™ using any ASCOM application (such as ACP) or by using The Sky X Communication is via TCP/IP port and / or a serial communications (COM) port.


In practice, the only thing most observers have to do is a one-time setup of the software. After that the dialog will automatically start and the dome will track the telescope. So you can concentrate on collecting data, not on watching the dome!