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Intermediate Dome Information

Observa-Dome Advantages & Key Feature

  • All Observa-Dome exposed exterior surfaces are “Aluminum”. Unlike steel, aluminum will not rust. Unlike fiberglass, aluminum is not subject to UV degradation. We have domes in service today that were built over 50 years ago.
  • Our dome and base rings are fabricated and welded in section with steel, and not rolled angle or plywood. They are round within a tolerance of 1/8”.
  • Our classic Bi-parting shutter design allows for fast closure, and watertight in tropical downpours. The cantilever design shutter tracks are completely enclosed inside the dome, and not exposed to the weather. The tracks utilize permanently lubricated sealed ball bearing V-Groove wheels.  Our shutter gear motor is located on the lower shutter track, and no “drip pan” is required.
  • We are authorized to install and test the “ACE Smart Dome”, computer automation package, at our facility. This is ASCOM compliant, and allows for Observa-Dome control, via the internet or network. This is not a remote door opener. For more information:
  •  Observa-Dome offers solar power with a solar generator for off grid usage.


3 Meter Prototype Going On Sale

We will be adding 2 of our 3 Meter Domes to our sale page over the next few weeks so check back often.  If you are interested in one of the 3 Meter domes going on sale you can contact me via email or phone.  If you email make sure you mention the 3 Meter…