Customer Links

Below are a few of our Observa-DOME worldwide customers’ web sites ! Also included are other interesting and related astronomical sites.

Magdalena Ridge Observatory, New Mexico Tech, Socorro, New Mexico

Magdalena Ridge Observatory Webcam
40.375 foot (12.31 Meter) diameter Automated Observa-DOME installed 2006

Bridgewater Hill Observatory, Bridgewater, Vermont
3 Meter diameter Automated Observa-DOME, 2002

Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, CA

Chabot Observatory Web Cam
26.25 foot (8 Meter) diameter and 45.375′ (13.83 Meter) diameter Observa-DOMES Installed 1990

Virginia Living Museum, Newport News, VA
5 Meter diameter Observa-DOME, 2002

Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory, Gilbert, AZ
5 Meter diameter Automated Observa-DOME, 2006

College of Southern Idaho Centennial Observatory, Twin Falls, Idaho
6 Meter diameter Automated Observa-DOME, 2003

Armagh Observatory, Armagh, Northern Ireland
6 Meter diameter Automated Observa-DOME, 2003

Rankin Science Observatory, Appalachian State University, Boone, N.C.
5 Meter diameter Observa-DOME, 2001

Innovative Science & Technology Experimentation Facility (ISTEF) Merrit Island, FL
6.5 Meter diameter Observa-DOME installed November 1995.

U.S. Air Force GEODSS (Ground Based Electro Optical DeNetworkep Space Surveillance) Tracking
(18) – 20.375 foot (6.2 Meter) diameter Observa-DOMES installed 1978-1982

European Southern Observatory, La Silla, CHILE
54.134 foot (16.5 Meter) diameter Observa-DOME installed October 1981

TUBITAK National Observatory, Bakirlitepe, Turkey
38.375 foot (11.7 Meter) diameter Observa -DOME installed 1996

UCF /Robinson Observatory, Orlando, FL
30.375 foot (9.3 Meter) diameter Observa-DOME installed April 1995.

Sternwarte Hohenkarpfen, Germany
4 Meter diameter Observa- DOME installed 1992

Dark Sky Observatory, Appalachian State University Boone, NC
8 Meter diameter Observa -DOME & Base cylinder installed 1995

Smithsonian Institution / Whipple Observatory, Arizona
30.375 foot (9.3 Meter) diameter Observa-DOME installed November 1994.

United Kingdom Infrared Telescope Observatory, Mana Kea, Hawaii
60.375 foot (18.4 Meter) diameter Observa-DOME installed 1976-1977, atop Mana Kea, Hawaii.

University of Wyoming Infrared Observatory, Laramie, WY
45.375 foot (13.8 meter) diameter Observa-DOME installed October 1976.

University of Arizona, Steward / Vatican Observatory, Tuscon, AZ
23 foot (7 Meter) diameter Observa-DOME installed 1989.

Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janero, Brazil
50.375 foot (15.4 Meter) diameter Observa-DOME installed 1975.

University of Montreal / Mount Megantic Observatory
42.375 foot (13 Meter) diameter Observa-DOME installed November 1978.

Howell Observatory, Mississippi State University
3 Meter diameter Observa-DOME installed August 1994.

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