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This is the slowest pharma IN THE WORLD. We have waited in line 10 mins and 5 people drove off behind me. The customer service whether you go in or drive through is slow as molasses. Being a CS manager for 28 years this staff needs to learn how to attend to the people in front of you and through drive . through because we are there in person. Phone calls should only be answered when staff is not attending to people in person. I called while waiitng in line and the line was busy and 2 callers ahead. So this staff is on the phone and not attending to the people who came in person. They all needed to be retrained and put customers in person who are not . Anetta ia a witch. She denied my prescriptions and would not call to help me at all. My pharmacist in NJ always calls my doctor or insurance if there is a problem with my prescription .

Choice Pharmacy
Address: 396 US-51, Ridgeland, MS 39157, United States
Phone: +1 769-300-4906
I’m so glad I found this pharmacy. The choice for where to get your medications filled in Jackson is mostly limited to large chain pharmacies that cost far too much, provide no options to help reduce your costs (or are at least not willing to try to assist you in doing so whatsoever), take far too long to get your order ready (sometimes hours to fill a simple and common medication), make frequent mistakes with your prescriptions (especially simple ones which is quite dangerous) and that provide horrible customer service if they provide any service at all. I decided I wouldn’t take any medicines in the future if my only option was to use one of those large chain pharmacies. That’s when I found Choice Pharmacy through a friend’s recommendation and I couldn’t be happier! Excellent prices, excellent customer service, fast preparation, and a kind staff who knows me by name.

This black woman anetta would not do anything for me knowing I had 1 pill left and she made me buy for my Provigil pills and I have 2 great insurance coverages. She should have helped me . This Choice Pharmacy is horrible. To add to my post 9/12/2022 that dumb pharmacist was using the WRONG COVERAGE. Had she helped me by calling or just looking at my coverage card she would have known to see that my husbands card and my card was different plan numbers. She was so impatient and just a hood rate pharmacist. So now that they are filling my prescription of course I cannot get refunded for the money i paid out because a ignorant phamacy want to help me. Sorry but this really made me upset. Always are own people against one another.

Artis Young
Address: 766 Lakeland Dr STE A, Jackson, MS 392164610, United States
Phone: +1 601-368-3442
My wife called to refill one of my prescription and she confirmed the price before placing Provigil online order. Went to pick up today and to my surprise, it was more expensive than originally quoted. Decided not to argue but won’t be going back.
Legitimately the worst pharmacy I’ve ever used. Completely unreliable and very impersonal. They won’t inform patients of a medication being out of stock and will lie about when its coming in. Waiting over a week for a medication with no communication is completely unacceptable. And this is not the first time. Drive the extra ten minutes for a better pharmacy. The Artis Young being built across the street can’t come soon enough.

Pathetically poor pharmacy! Their hours listed on Google are 9am to 8pm. But they are always closed when I go there during their open hours. I was rudely told they are on their lunch break and can’t help me. Choice Pharmacy employees should take lunch in shifts because many people depend on their medication. Not taking lunch in shifts clearly indicates a total lack of basic human empathy. And a lack of professionalism. Didn’t realize how bad this pharmacy was until I read these reviews and experience bad service.

Northtown Pharmacy
Address: 6220 Old Canton Rd, Jackson, MS 39211, United States
Phone: +1 601-665-4694

I have already transferred all of my business away from this place.
This is my first one-star review. Yay. I want to warn people NOT to come to this pharmacy if you care about your time. If you don’t care about your time being wasted or like being misled then you’re golden here. I transferred my prescription when I moved to Northtown Pharmacy last year. Everything was OK the first two times, there was a Provigil sale. This past week, I requested a prescription refill that I would be told would be ready a certain day, so

Baptist Family Pharmacy
Address: 1225 N State St, Jackson, MS 39202, United States
Phone: +1 601-968-6350

I went in the AM, and it wasn’t. The lady at the front counter told me it would be ready at 2:00pm same day. So I came back at 2:30pm same day. Then they told me that “they are too busy” and to come back at 3:30pm. ARE YOU SERIOUS. At this point, how do I know to trust them? Why not be honest from the get-go and say, “we don’t have it now, but we think we’ll have it by end of day if you’d like to come then”, instead of MISLEADING customers into believing that their prescriptions are ready at a stated time. I’m fortunate I live a few minutes away from this store, but what if I lived an hour away? Terrible. I look forward to the Baptist Family Pharmacy opening because I’ll be moving my Provigil orders there after that awful experience.