See the International Space Station from the Comfort of Earth

See the International Space Station from the Comfort of Earth

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make your way through the International Space Station? Most people will never get the opportunity to do it, and the elite few astronauts who take the trip to space and spend time in the ISS every year spend years preparing for the experience. But now, thanks to Google, anyone with access to a computer can get a glimpse inside of the ISS and see exactly what it’s like for astronauts living aboard.

International Space StationGoogle just unveiled its new Street View ISS hub, and it’s really impressive. Using the same Street View functionality you may already be familiar with from Google Maps, you can check out everything located inside of the ISS, including all of the same tools, knobs and buttons that the astronauts use to go about their business during a normal day. Street View will provide you with a full 360-degree view of each section of the ISS, giving viewers unprecedented access and visibility of the international space laboratory and habitat. The detailed photos of the ISS are amazing and are the next best thing to being inside of the ISS itself.

In addition to providing a view of the inside of the ISS, Google also captured views from the windows, showing us on Earth how we look to astronauts in orbit. These 360-degree views of the inside of the station required delicate practice – they couldn’t drive a Street View car to space, after all. As reports, astronauts worked with specialized equipment and standard DSLR cameras on the station to help Google capture these images and give us on Earth a unique look at life in space.

While it’s fun to see what the inside of the ISS looks like on Street View, it’s also fun to spend time on Earth looking up at space and all that it has to offer. Observa Dome Laboratories helps make ground-based observations of the universe possible by providing observation domes to house telescopes large and small, allowing for observation in any weather and any climate. Read more about the observation domes we have to offer or call us at 601-982-3333 today and speak with a representative about how our scalable observation dome solutions.

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