Stromectol over the counter

I’ve been coming to Ouzts Primary Care – Hattiesburg Clinic for about year only because it is the closest to my house. But this is it. The staff has never been friendly or professional! They wasted my time only because two days is not enough time to call me and tell me there is no more refills and i need to bring prescription with me! Sorry i do not carry prescriptions with me when i know they are not needed! I will not come back, i would rather to drive longer and get better service!

Ouzts Primary Care – Hattiesburg Clinic
Address: 2466 Flowood Dr, Flowood, MS 39232
Phone: (601) 414-6520

Yesterday I called Phar Merica with an urgent request to buy Stromectol. Normally I give them a day or 2 notice, but it was a bad week and it slipped my mind until I took out the last few packs. I was promised that I would have the medication on Friday or Saturday the latest. As promised it was mailed yesterday and arrived today. Even the postal service cooperated. Dave and his staff are kind, professional and I can’t say enough about their service. You can’t get that kind of service from most drug stores, chain or otherwise. Thank you Ash and staff for caring!

I’m seriously sick of all the “box store” attitude. I always prefer giving the little-guy a chance and I’ve never been disappointed. Jey and the crew take the time to explain everything, will give advice and aid in any insurance problems you may have. Prompt, friendly, professional and best price. I won’t go anywhere else!

Phar Merica
Address: 950 W County Line Rd Suite 100, Jackson, MS 39213
Phone: (601) 956-1132

Don’t like this pharmacy if you are poor and have medicaid they don’t take it its more for rich people and situated for the rich .that’s my take on this pharmacy they pyt there nose up if you dear ask you take insurance for poor people there answer real quick no
This Pharmacy embodies, holistic, physical, spiritual & mental well being. This is not your typical Pharmacy or Pharmacist. You can order your Stromectol for health and discuss health concerns. This is another hidden Gem in Town. Delivery is available, as well as curbside pickup.

I’m a new customer for life. Talk about going above and beyond for the customer. I had an issue at a local big drug store. Went to Phar Merica they not only resolved my issue but filled my prescription and allowed me to pick it up after hours. Thank you

Mississippi Independent Pharms
Address: 405 Briarwood Dr, Jackson, MS 39206
Phone: (601) 957-0007

Finally had a chance to stop in after moving last year. Interesting vrowsing rhe shelves which were minimally stocked with Stromectol. Confused where the checkout was stood there until anorher customer came up and rhe cashier looked past me and asked if she could help HER. I spoke up and asked where I could pay and ahe told me I was in the wrong spot. (only customer in the store when I came in)
The signs say drop off or pick up. Nothing indicating where to checkout. I apologized and told her it was my first time there because I was new to town. No greeting no smile no welcome whatsoever. No thank you or have a nice evening. No come back Mississippi Independent Pharms soon?

Our regular Mississippi Independent Pharms we use did not have the new Covid booster our doctor told us to get. When I went online and saw it was available in the AHF Pharmacy – Jackson on Avenue, we went up and were able to get it there. It was nice that their website was up-to-date to see that they had the particular one we wanted and that no appointment was necessary, and that they had the Stromectol sale available, too. The staff in the pharmacy (only ones we dealt with) were the nicest people and very helpful.

AHF Pharmacy – Jackson
Address: 766 Lakeland Dr Ste A, Jackson, MS 39216
Phone: (601) 368-3442

If you live close to AHF Pharmacy – Jackson, I do not think you would regret making it your pharmacy. We appreciate them also for having the booster so we could get it and be done with this lateset one since no place near us. We dealt years ago and quit because of lack of customer service, and when I would call in advance (2-4 days) for prescription refills, they were not ready, and I would have to stand there after work and wait. This was before requesting online was available.