Structural Integrity

Observa-DOMES are designed to withstand some of the most extreme environmental conditions, found anywhere in the world. Observa-DOME is the only observatory dome manufacturer in the United States able to provide a detailed Structural Analysis bearing the stamp of a registered professional engineer! Our engineers are licensed in many states here in the US.
Because of the numerous variations of local zoning & building codes found both here in the US, and around the world, structural loads such as wind, snow, rain, and seismic, can vary significantly depending on location. By knowing these criteria beforehand, we are able to design and fabricate our Observa -DOMES to meet or exceed conditions found anywhere in the world.
Our engineers develop a computer structural finite element model using STAADPro software as published by Research Engineers International, of Yorba Linda, CA. This analysis software has the capability of computing a wide range of stresses and forces within the elements, and is able to produce graphical representations showing stress level contours throughout the model.
Sample finite element model.


Stress Level Contour graphic.

Download a Sample 5 Meter Dia. Structural Analysis (pdf format – 3mb)  pdfico