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New Year Brings New Manufacturing Process, New Sales

During the past year, we’ve reviewed our manufacturing processes and made some minor adjustments to make our domes more affordable. Rest assured the quality has not changed – nor will it ever. All changes have been reviewed and approved by our structural engineer, which took a lot of time, but the benefits to our customers can be seen in our more affordable pricing. Now that we have the wrinkles ironed out, we’ve begun manufacturing using these new processes and we’re excited to offer these new models for our clients.

Dome SalesDome Sales

In addition, we have recently added a sale page to our website. At this time we have several domes in our outstanding inventory and are offering a discount for our customers so that we can send these domes to new homes. Take a look at our new sale page and give us a call to find out more about out incredibly reduced pricing options.

Planets Align

Don’t forget that this week is an exciting time in the skies, as well. Starting Jan. 20, the five visible planets of the solar system will be aligned in the early morning sky. Mercury rising this week joins Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This is the first time that this has occurred since 2005, and no equipment is needed to catch this great lineup – although binoculars, at a minimum, will help planet watchers get an even clearer picture of this rare show.
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